About Us

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Our Staff

Our staff pride themselves on their product knowledge, breadth of experience and personal integrity. None of our staff get commissions so there is no pressure to either sell you something you don’t want, or something that isn’t necessarily right for you but has a higher commission.

Your local dealer

If you are looking for new equipment Muso’s Stuff is your local dealer for many of the industries leading brands like Fender, Gretsch, Roland, Maton, Cole Clark  and many more. We will always offer competitive pricing on all new brands backed up by great service and support.

We love trade-ins

Always ask us about your trade-ins. We love used gear and are always interested in trading your gear.
We also feel this is a responsible thing to do. We have finite resources on the planet, the less we use of them better it is for all.

We Believe

We believe as people we are all creative. Everyone can draw for instance, but some draw better than others but in the end it doesn’t matter how well you draw, its just good to do it. We are in business because we believe in the difference music makes in people’s lives and what it adds to our community. For us, it has always been about people and helping them in their musical journey whether it be the professional or the absolute beginner.


Muso’s Stuff is a local business and we invest in the local community in many ways through the support of many local charities and benefits, local bands and music events wherever possible. We always endorse the idea of shopping locally no matter where you live. We see shopping locally not as a marketing tag but as a way of investing in your local community and shaping it into the type of community you love to live in.

Pre-Loved Stuff

Our second-hand items include all the major brands at any point in time. Of course people tell us what they love about the shop is how there always seems a little treasure or gem just sitting around the corner. But we always typically have cheap entry level used items that are great to get you going with and are a bargain. Before going on eBay and buying a cheap piece of junk have a look what we might have that will prove to be way better value.

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