Commerce-enabled using SSL technology

MUSOSTUFF.COM.AU is commerce-enabled using SSL technology, allowing for easy on-line purchasing with secure credit card transactions. SSL ensures the safety of your credit card information. By encrypting your information over the web using its latest version, approved for use with SET and implemented in all modern web browsers.

SSL guarantees only Muso’s Stuff can see your order. The encryption guarantees that only authorised staff at Muso’s Stuff can decrypt the sensitive order details.

It validates your order All orders received by Muso’s Stuff will be signed, confirming to Muso’s Stuff that you placed the order on this website.

Makes purchasing on-line easy and hassle-free for you. No headaches, just simple, safe purchasing.

In today’s world, for better or worse, security issues are at the forefront of our thoughts.  AlphaSSL is just one solution that should give online consumers and businesses peace of mind.

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Wildcard SSL Certificates

Sites secured by AlphaSSL are utilizing 256-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site’s web servers are private and secure.

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Security on your PC

We recommend that you take precautions with your own computer. To help you, we have detailed some of the important precautions that we recommend you use:

Keep your software up to date

keep your operating system such as Windows XP and your web browser such as Internet Explorer up to date.
Occasionally publishers discover vulnerabilities in their products and issue ‘patches’ to correct these problems as well as to prevent hackers compromising your computer. Visit the web site of the company which produces your operating system or browser regularly to check for patches and updates they may have issued.

If you are using Microsoft software, then Microsoft highly recommends that users with internet access update their software to protect against viruses and security issues. This is becoming important too for Mac owners. The easiest way to do this is to visit the relevant Microsoft or Apple websites and find out more details there.

Firewalls and viruses

You should use personal firewall software to prevent unauthorised access to your PC when you are on the Internet. Popular personal firewall products include; McAfee, Symantec, and Zone Alarm. Entering any of these names into a search engine will direct you to their web sites.

You should use anti-virus software and ensure that its kept up-to-date. This should protect your computer against the latest viruses. Popular anti-virus products include; McAfee, Norton and Sophos. Again use a search engine to find out more information or visit their web sites.

We recommend that you do not download any software if you do not trust or are not sure of the source. This includes web sites which prompt you to click ‘yes’ or ‘OK’ to run a program or install a browser plug-in.

Be wary if you receive any unexpected emails that contain an attachment. Emails are the most common way to spread viruses and if you suspect you have received an email containing a virus, you should delete it immediately. Be particularly suspicious of any attachments containing files ending .exe, .pif or .vbs.

Hope all this info helps.