SKB Footnote – Guitar Pedal System

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The SKB FootNote is the very first amplified pedalboard. Featuring a built-in 5W combo amp and a 6″ Eminence speaker, the SKB FootNote is like no other pedalboard on the market.

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The injection moulded pedalboard features a 9” x 12” mounting surface which is sloped for easier access to the rear pedals and the SKB FootNote can power up to (8) 9VDC battery powered pedals with the supplied power cables. Additionally, the FootNote features a 1/8” AUX/MP3 stereo line input for external audio playback and incorporates the same cable tester found on the 1SKB-PS-55 StageFive Professional pedalboard. Included is a Headphone Output for monitoring or silent practice and a Line Out that is ideal for live or recording use. The convenient internal speaker on/off switch is independent of the Line Out and Headphone Output modes for maximum flexibility. One of the most unique features is the Speaker Out that allows the FootNote to drive an external 4 ohm speaker load. The FootNote can run on AC with the supplied thermal protected power supply or DC power using 6 D-Cell batteries (batteries not included).

The most versatile pedalboard on the market, the 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote is great whether on stage, at home, at a park or on a tour bus.


  • Aux input used for mp3 player (iPod, etc.) for accompaniment or other type “play along” situations
  • Guitar/Pedals input to either plug in your “daisy chained” pedals or plug your guitar straight into the Footnote
  • Volume, Bass and Treble controls are the same as you would expect on any small combo amp and function the same way
  • Cable tester tests your ¼” audio cables to ensure good audio cables are used throughout your “daisy chained” pedals
  • Line Out to be used with a standard ¼” instrument cable for a high impedance connection or plug into a DI box for low impedance connection to a mixing board or recording desk
  • External speaker jack to connect an external speaker with a 4 ohm load (can be 8 or 16 as well
  • Speaker on/off switch to use with headphone or line out to allow external monitoring without removing headphones or line out connection
  • 9VDC outputs with center negative polarity for use with MOST 9 volt battery powered pedals
  • Power input for A/C transformer (“wall wart”), board switches to battery power if unplugged when batteries are installed in battery compartment
  • Power on/off switch

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