Friendly advice on all things music

As well as providing friendly advice on all things music, Muso’s Stuff offers a range of services to make sure all of your gear is up to scratch. We provide repairs and servicing to amps and accessories including general repairs, valve replacements and amp restoration.

Friendly advice on all things music
Friendly advice on all things music

The beauty about buying from us or any music shop for that matter is the advice you get and the ongoing support.

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At the music school we are dedicated to providing a professional, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for all students. Our student’s range from 5 to 70 years plus.

Our Experience and expertise allow us to provide a wide range of services in the industry from small pa and lighting systems to large concert size Sound and Lighting Rigs. Why not Check out our Packages today. You can find more details along with prices on the Equipment Hire Page.

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