We offer a wide range of repairs and servicing for musical instruments, including:

General repairs and servicing

This includes a full strip-down and cleaning of the instrument, as well as tightening loose key mechanisms and replacing springs as required. All instruments are set up and tested after servicing.

Basic setup

This includes removing old strings, cleaning and lubricating moving parts, oiling the fingerboard, polishing the frets, tightening all screws and nuts, and re-stringing the instrument with the customer's choice of strings. We will also adjust the truss rod and saddles to ensure maximum playability.

Nut installation

We can install new nuts made from plastic, bone, or composite materials. We also offer a 12-string add-on, mandolin add-on, and banjo add-on.

Machine heads

We can tighten fitment screws and nuts, fit single new winders, posts, and gears, remove press cases, tighten and grease gears, fit single machine heads, fit complete sets, and ream for oversized posts. We can also plug exposed screw holes.


We offer a variety of fretwork services, including cleaning and polishing, re-crowning, fixing lifting fret ends, re-rolling, de-burring, replacing singular frets, and complete re-fretting.

Acoustic bridges and saddles

We can fix lifting bridges, remove old bridges and replace them with new ones, radius old saddles, shave down old saddles, replace all pins, and shave down bridges and bore pinholes.

Custom made pickguards

We can create custom made pickguards for acoustic or electric instruments.

Pickup installation

We can install pickups in acoustic or electric guitars. We offer a variety of options, including single coil, humbucker, and preamp assemblies. We can also install new potentiometers, switches, and output jacks.


We can fix end jacks, troubleshoot electronics, and install amps, guitar effects, microphones, and headphones.


We can re-finish instruments in a variety of colours.

Sizing the nut:

We can size the nut to ensure proper string spacing and action.

Fine tuning:

All players have different needs, and we endeavour to work with you to achieve your maximum playability. However, this may require you to bring the instrument back for fine tuning after settling has occurred.

Additional services

All additional services will be quoted at an hourly rate unless otherwise stated.


All parts are additional.


Some modifications may void the warranty.


Muso's Stuff reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice.
Outsourced work: Some jobs, including warranty claims, may have to be outsourced without notice.

Completion times:

Completion times may vary depending on parts availability. We try our hardest to complete jobs promptly.   We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Address:  115 Mitchell St, Bendigo, 3550, Victoria 
Phone: (03) 5441 2340
Chat: https://www.musostuff.com.au/
eMail: enquiries@musostuff.com.au - Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.




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